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What Is Going On With Lab-Grown Gemstones?

Updated: Jul 10

Discover more about the advantages of lab-grown gemstones of your choice with the help of practical advice and top picks direct from Landon Thomas at LTD Custom Jewelry Studio.

With the emergence of lab-grown substitutes, a significant transformation has occurred in the diamond industry in just a few years. One could easily describe this as a paradigm shift. Lab-grown gemstones have revolutionized the jewelry industry by allowing customers to discover personalized jewelry with the same quality and appeal at price ranges that extend their budget for a piece they will treasure for years to come. A true heirloom for generations.

Are Real Gemstones Grown in Labs?

Absolutely, lab-grown gemstones are genuine.

Lab-grown gemstones have identical physical, chemical, and visual qualities to their mined counterparts due to their adaption to imitated methods. With the use of lab-grown gemstones, jewelers and jewelry companies may give their clients more options based on their budgets.


Let's examine some of the main advantages of lab-grown gemstones.


LTD Custom Jewelry Studio believes in educating clients so they have freedom to choose the ideal center stone or accent stones that fit their budget. Lab-grown gemstones are gorgeous, high-quality gemstones at a more reasonable price point. With lab-grown gemstones, it's simpler than ever to upgrade any item or add a flash of color without restrictions. They offer outstanding value for any lifestyle.


When compared to natural gemstones, lab-grown gemstones may not necessarily be more durable, but they do use the same minerals in the growth process; the only distinction is the growth environment. Lab-grown gemstones are formed using scientific processes that resemble those of the Earth's crust and have the same characteristics as natural gemstones, including similar quality and durability.


Lab-grown gemstones typically have exceptional clarity and improved visual quality in addition to a wider range of bright colors. For instance, a naturally occurring gemstone may be as extremely clear as one that was created in a laboratory. Lab-grown gemstones offer a wide variety of alternatives for you to explore their creativity, from vibrant, red Rubies to hypnotic Blue Spinel and stunning Emeralds.


LTD Custom Jewelry's Lab-Grown Gemstone Selection


Now that we have discussed the top advantages of including lab-grown gemstones in your personal jewelry collection, we've added a few types from our expanding selection to get you started.

Ruby: ALL RED Radiance

Rubies are among the most prized gemstones in history and are often worn as a symbol of passion or royalty. Additionally, rubies are the birthstone for July, making them a wonderful addition for the upcoming month. LTD Custom Jewelry's Lab-Grown Ruby offers the same saturated color and exceptional clarity without sacrificing durability, making it a great, affordable alternative for clients looking to add this option to their next handmade jewelry piece.


Blue Spinel: Vibrant & Electric

Lab-grown Blue Spinel offers limitless opportunities for clients to create exceptional pieces that showcase their bright, fiery hue, whether it's a stunning statement necklace or a sophisticated pair of earrings. It adds the ideal pop of color and is an excellent substitute for traditional blue gemstones due to its brilliance and affordability.


Sapphire: Above and Beyond Blue

Lab-grown Sapphires, which go beyond the conventional Blue Sapphire and are available in fun colors like yellow, pink, orange, and purple, are a fantastic option for custom jewelry pieces without sacrificing exceptional durability and brilliance.

In case you want to appear more refined and softer. Check out the Champagne Sapphires, one of our newest additions in unique shapes like marquise or pear.


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